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Design of Multi-Channel Nozzles for Laser Cladding
Ruslan Olehovych Zhuk

Остання редакція: 2019-08-05

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Gas-powder laser cladding technology is widely used nowadays either to restore surface of tools and parts or to modify part’s properties (wear resistance, corrosion resistance etc).

Application of multichannel nozzles for the delivery of gas-powder streams into laser processing zone boosts the range of technological applications. This research is focused on simultaneous introduction of different powder into the processing zone. Another scope of interest is the control of powder distribution on the surface of workpiece and manipulation of powder concentration distribution on the go. Two different laser types were used – fiber and High-Power Diode lasers.

Research activities included numerical simulation of gas-powder stream propagation inside the nozzle and into the ambient atmosphere, printing of prototypes with STL technology and their experimental validation. The performance of prototypes was evaluated and the most promising ones were selected for manufacturing.

Original nozzles for the delivery of gas-powder mixtures with controllable distribution of powder concentration were designed and manufactured. Single clads were made using these nozzles and clad characteristics were compared. It was found that the outcome of laser cladding process significantly depends on the distribution of powder concentration, geometrical characteristics of nozzle inner cavity, powder and carrier gas flowrate. Manufacturing of parts with complex shapes is one of the most promising applications for the designed nozzles.

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laser cladding; powder delivery nozzle