Наукові конференції України, 2021-XXII Прогресивна техніка, технологія та інженерна освіта

Розмір шрифту: 
Frequency response function simulation and evaluating in boring
Шихалєєв Максим Максимович, Вадим Вячеславович Медведєв

Остання редакція: 2021-09-06

Тези доповіді

Finite element method of simulating frequency response function (FRF) for boring tool in LS-Dyna solver is investigated in this work. Nowadays, computer numerical simulation allows to obtain FRF using different materials model with high precision compared to real experiments with sensors like impact hammer testing. This function is used in construction of stability lobe diagrams that allows operator of machining center to avoid chatter self-excited vibrations. Such vibration is led to degreasing of productivity and quality in cutting of metals and other materials. Amplitude and phase angle for the model is obtained from LS-Dyna result interpretator, that reads binary files, created during simulation by the program. Amplitude and phase angle of frequency response function are depending on dynamic stiffness of machining system.

Ключові слова

Frequency response function; boring; simulation; vibration; vibroacoustic behavior of machining centers;

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