Наукові конференції України, 2021-XXII Прогресивна техніка, технологія та інженерна освіта

Розмір шрифту: 
Controlling turning contouring of shaped parts
Yuri Petrakov, John Maru Ezenduka

Остання редакція: 2021-09-15

Тези доповіді

Abstract. The machining of contoured shaped surfaces of parts with a circular cross-section is executed on CNC lathes using control programs. All known CAM systems offer canned cycles for such surfaces. In most cases, it is rec-ommended to use G71, G72 and G73 canned cycles for roughing contouring. The aim of the study is to analyze the cutting processes in roughing and finishing and to assess their influence on the surface quality of the part. A model-ing technique is proposed, which is based on the use of an original application soft that allows simulating all ma-chining cycles with fixing the results in the form of oscillograms of changes in the depth of cut. Comparative analysis of the results allows you to choose the most acceptable machining cycle for a specific profile of the contour of the part. The developed program also makes it possible to obtain the predicted accuracy of machining along the entire contour, which may arise as a result of technological heredity. In addition, the array of data on cutting depth ob-tained during the simulation, which is the main disturbance of the process, allows one to design the law of control of the cutting mode, for example, on the feed, which will lead to the stabilization of the cutting process.

Ключові слова

turning contouring, control program cycles, modeling